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Who are we?

Exceptional Tours (ET) was established in 2002 by Telisha Feamster, CEO/Owner who currently has over
25 years of experience in Human Services. ET began as a hobby which combined Telisha’s two passions,
supporting people with intellect/developmental disAbilities and traveling.

Telisha has a B.S in Special Education and a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. She started
her career in 1993 as a Direct Support Professional and has since held positions supporting people as a
Program Specialist, a Director of Residential Services and eventually an Administrator of Community
Based Programs. This fulfilling career prepared her for this next stage of her life, living out her dream to
help people with special needs experience vacations and activities. Even though this venture started as
a hobby, today, Exceptional Tours has grown into an exciting local business that is focused on helping
individuals with disAbilities safely travel the world!


COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact. Exceptional Tours staff follow COVID safety guidelines and practicing social distancing as recommended by the CDC. We are taking every precaution to avoid contracting this virus just like all of you. Even though Exceptional Tours  has implemented preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19; we cannot guarantee that Travelers will not become infected with COVID-19. By registering for an activity or vacation, Travelers and their guardians acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that the Traveler may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by attending an Exceptional Tour.  During activities, we wear masks, wash our hands frequently and practice social distancing as much as possible. We are excited that many of our Travelers and Companions have been vaccinated. We will do everything in our power to keep Travelers and Companions safe.  Please contact us with any questions regarding specific COVID procedures. 


Who is eligible for an Exceptional  Tour? 

Group Tours

Individuals with special needs who are:

  • 18 years or older

  • Ambulatory 

  • Able to Travel in a 4:1 Traveler to Companion ratio

  • Able to care for their own personal hygiene needs independently or with minimal support

  • Able to wear a mask, as required to remain safe in the community.

  • Cooperative and considerate of their fellow Travelers and Companions.


Exceptional Tours is able to accommodate the special needs of most individuals. However, for anyone
that requires more than  4:1 support, an ET Companion can be assigned to the Traveler, for an additional fee.


If a Traveler uses a wheelchair, has a visual impairment, needs mobility aids or requires unique support
please call our office to discuss prior to registering.  An additional fee may also apply if the Traveler
requires a lift van, accessible accommodations or additional supervision.


1:1 Personalized Tours
Exceptional Tours
specializes in the unique vacation experience. Vacations taken on planes, trains,
cruise ships and by car can be created to meet the Traveler’s desire. Relax on the beach, sail the Caribbean or take an activity packed hiking trip through our country’s national parks! If the Traveler can dream it, we can plan it!

Personalized vacations can be scheduled by simply sending an email with the desires of the Traveler.
Within 24 hours, you will be contacted with trip suggestions. The trip will be booked when payment is
received. It’s just that simple .


For the Traveler on a budget, payment plans are available! 

Why Choose Us?

Exceptional Tours is a travel companion service supporting people with intellectual and developmental disAbilties in the community and beyond. What sets us apart is our unmatched ability to make each vacation and activity experience unique to our Travelers. During this unprecedented time, we are committed to keeping our Travelers safe.  Most of our scheduled tours are for 4 people or less so our Travelers can truly experience what each destination has to offer! We also specialize in 1:1 personalized vacations that create memories of a life time and limits exposure to Covid-19. If your Traveler can dream it, we can plan it! Let us plan an Exceptional Tour for you! Please note, our services are through private payment and are not covered under any waiver.

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Places we've traveled

Exceptional Tours 

join us for a 4 day get away to the Beautiful Beach of Virginia

June 20th to June 24th

Virginia Beach - $950

June 3rd - 6th

Join us for a 2 day tour to the 

 Magic City of Miami.

May 14th to May 17th

Miami Florida-$1850

May 14th - 17th

Miami 3 Day Tour

May 14th - 17th

             New York City-$1295

April 26th - 28th

Join us for a fun and joyous night at the Movies 

Dates: Please contact us for more information

Dinner and a Movie Nights - $100 each

March 24th, April 14th& 21st, May 5th&19

From Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, Lacrosse and many other sports. Join us as we travel to watch and cheer on the worlds best athletes dominate their dedicated sport. 

Dates: Please contact us for more information

Day at the BEACH! $300

June 16th&25th, July 8th, 16th & 21st 

Join Us for a fun, action packed, entertaining, and family friendly evening as we watch some  professional wrestling. !

Dates: Contact us for more information

NJ Aquarium and Lunch $350

April 5th, May 24th, June 19th 

Places we've traveled

Exceptional Tours 


Call (267) 971-7721 or email ExceptionalToursinfo@ 

 with questions! Activities book fast! Register today!

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Call (267) 971-7721 or email ExceptionalToursinfo@ 

 with questions! Activities book fast! Register today!

Call (267) 971-7721 or email ExceptionalToursinfo@ 

 with questions! Activities book fast! Register today!


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