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Exceptional Tours Waiver Services

What sets us apart from other providers agencies is our service delivery.

Exceptional Tours’ Administrative Team have all worked as Direct Support Professionals.  We are a “support first” agency, focused on meeting the person where they are and helping them develop plans to improve skills.  Each person will work on goals that are specific and attainable. Exceptional Tours staff will help each person experience meaningful day activities. The staff will focus on increasing their independence through skill building such as community integration, forming relationships, cooking, healthcare participation, and money management/budgeting.

Services offered through Consolidated, Community Living and Person/Family Directed Support Waivers

1. Community Participation Supports (CPS) 1:1 and 1:2, offered M-F between 8a-5p 100% Community. Community locations – Locations must be non-disability specific and meet all federal standards for home and community-based settings. Services are provided in a variety of integrated community locations that offer opportunities for the participant to achieve his or her personally identified goals for developing employment skills, community inclusion, involvement, exploration, and for developing and sustaining a network of positive relationships.

a. A maximum of 3 participants can be served simultaneously by any one provider at a community location at any one time. 

b. Community hubs – These settings primarily serve as a gathering place prior to and after community activities. Participants' time will be largely spent outside of the community hub, engaged in community activities. Community hubs should be non-disability specific, accessible, provide shelter in inclement weather, and be locations used by the general public. Community hubs could be locations that are focused on a specialty area of interest for participant(s) served (for example, employment interest area, volunteer site, related to arts, outdoors, music or sports). A community hub could be a private home but is not the home of support staff. The participant's home may only serve as a hub on an occasional and incidental

2. In Home Supports  - day and evening

In-Home and Community Support is a direct service provided in home and community settings to assist participants in acquiring, maintaining and improving the skills necessary to live in the community, to live more independently, and to participate meaningfully in community life. To the extent that In-Home and Community Support is provided in community settings, the settings must be inclusive rather than segregated.

a. Carry out activities of daily living such as personal grooming and hygiene, dressing, making meals, maintaining a clean environment.

b. Learn and develop practices that promote good health and wellness such as nutritious meal planning, regular exercise, carrying through prescribed therapies and exercises, awareness and avoidance of risk including environmental risks, exploitation and abuse; responding to emergencies in the home and community such as fire or injury; knowing how and when to seek assistance. 3. Manage his or her medical care including scheduling and attending medical appointments, filling prescriptions and self-administration of medications, and keeping health logs and records. This may also include assistance, support and guidance in the administration of medications in accordance with applicable regulatory guidance, positioning the participant, taking vital statistics, performing range of motion exercises as directed by a licensed professional, applying prescribed treatments and monitoring for seizure activity.

3. Respite – In Home and Out of Home (24 hours)

Respite services are direct services that are provided to supervise and support participants living in private homes on a short-term basis for planned or emergency situations, giving the person(s) normally providing care a period of relief that may be scheduled or due to an emergency. Respite services do not cover the care provided to a minor child when the primary caregiver or legally responsible individual is absent due to work. Respite Servies can be provided in a person's home or outside a person's home. 

4. Companion Services - day and evening

Companion services are direct services provided to participants age 18 and older who live in private homes for the limited purposes of providing supervision or assistance that is designed to ensure the participant’s health, safety and welfare or to perform activities of daily living for the participant. This service is intended to assist the participant to participate more meaningfully in their home and community life. This service may be provided in home and community settings, including the participant’s competitive employment workplace. To the extent that Companion services are provided in community settings, the settings must be inclusive rather than segregated. Companion services are used in lieu of In-Home and Community Support when a habilitative outcome is not appropriate or feasible (i.e. when the professional providing the service mainly does activities for the participant or supervises the participant versus assisting the participant to learn, enhance or maintain a skill)

For more information regarding the services we offer, please email us at

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